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sample prices
contact me for anything not listed here


Electric Guitar Setup

All the adjustments available on your electric guitar optimised by a highly experienced guitar tech (me). This will include the truss rod, nut slot heights, action heights, and the string intonation. New strings are included in the price.



Electric Guitar Setup
and Service

All the standard setup plus clean fretboard (re-oil if not maple), clean rest of guitar, inspect and service the controls, jack socket etc



Acoustic Guitar Improve Action etc

Many acoustic guitars, especially electro-acoustics can be made easier to play by lowering the action and replacing the strings with a lighter gauge. New strings are included



First 14 Acoustic Refret

The frets on acoustic guitars come in for a lot of wear, especially on the second and third frets. The best cure is not to dress the existing frets, which lowers them all to the height of the worst ones, but to replace the first 14 with new frets that match the originals. Includes set up and strings. New nut if needed £15 extra



Electric Guitar and Bass Full Refret

I have developed a much faster and more accurate refret method which gives excellent results. I can usually carry out the full refret in less than a day, and there is plenty to do and see in this holiday area while you are waiting. Stainless steel £20 extra, new nut £15 extra. More details on my other website



Collection and Return Service

If you are unable to bring your guitar to me, or don't have the time, I can collect it in person, and return it in person when the work is done. When I return it I will be able to carry out and final adjustments that you require. The overall charge can be calculated from the time given in Google directions to TA4 4QY one way one trip.

£60 p/hr.

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